Grand Forms

by Motherbread

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The first hip hop album from Motherbread (aka: Automae). Initial writing and recording began in Jan '13 and wrapped up in mid June '14.


released December 25, 2014

David Umpierre: vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keys
Tobias Greene: vocals, guitars, drums/programming, bass, keys
Chloe Newton: vocals
Joyce Lee: cello, vocals
Jesse Gidcumb: vocals



all rights reserved


Motherbread San Francisco, California

Motherbread is an off-shoot side project by Automae. Originally, Mike Chase, David Umpierre and Tobias Greene, this LP was written and recorded by the latter two. In January, the idea was to write one or two rap tracks, but eventually grew into a full album of music over the 9-month period of recording. ... more

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Track Name: Valhalla
Take and redefine
Make a new design
Blinded by the smiles
Overlooked the signs
We all have so much that's riding on our backs
On any given Sunday we unload or crack
Monday kicks it all off to the rest of us just following no bluff
No exception to the normal repetition that become too formal Somewhere in there there must be a moral

In the morning
I wake up with a sigh
Dreaming to cursing
Today that I will try
To be myself yeah
To feed my health
Not to judge them based on wealth or wrinkled eyes
We all got shit hanging over our lives And get greedy as good luck dies
Just don't get stuck in older brothers rut
Heard that same old story about 1000 times

here we go y'all
Track Name: Grown
Everything that's grown is everything is owned
So everything is wrong with your checks and your loans
Ever were we sold and signed the streak
Like chumps we thumb our lives in digitally
With holy rolling crones
Crooked church songs sung
Pack your bags for hell and back it's old like pun
Or would you want to would you see
Would you talk back question pap then get out your seat.

Ride hard never rest
Everybody's trying to test the spirit of the wild west
Now you know where it is
We ain't got no sympathy
We wise to pick your company
Cause mine became the family tree as far as that my eyes can see
Here is my philosophy
Be and let others be
Meticulous methodically
You turn on me so suddenly
I have to wonder if it's me
And I can fit no more tricks up my sleeve

We are all lean on diesel devils own oil
My debt he seen all along
But rhyming was my savior
I call every night
Where you teeth tore
Corner your smile
Never fought you off
Tell me why we gotta draw with arms talk don't know what's wrong.

Everything is owned and everything is grown
And every time these jokers get on the phone
They talk behind your back cause they a little weak
They don't know me from you
They don't know how to speak yeah
Pack up all you suckas what you doing what You seek
Ya reaping time another Muppet repeating the cheap and keeping freaky freaking
Thumbing truckers but now you're the beacon
Not thinking dirty thoughts since you have been following JC

You tell me everything is grown and everything is owned
I stretch beyond myself step into the unknown
Walk in one direction and then you try to trip me
It's the nature of the game
Are you against or with me
Call me vegetarian
And you just sell baloney
And I ain't buying what you selling
So that way you don't own me
Virtual invitation into your fake world
Try to lure me with fortune and girls well
I'd rather keep my feet on the ground
What goes around comes around
Comes around


Bang it big
Got to following the skids
Makeshift kid
Cheap heaps all flocking to see if the bass we made was lead
Pat the sun
Burn it
Though we lost
Return it
Don't you lag behind my brother
Want you up front so you learning

Yeah I want to see you break it down
Hips to the beat
Move them feet
Global to the ground
Pedal to the metal
Down the 101
We skipping town
Swerve to curve
With an ocean view
Cause you're in California
That is what we do

I don't know what you see
Every time I get on the corner know
I'm ahead of my tome
I dub your scene
If everything is all about you
What you gonna do with me
If I don't go on 1 2 3
Well I don't know what you'll do to be
Upwards from an icy cold
Stoke my heat
Every time I get up off the beat
Track Name: Wrong About Me
Preaching clean unconcerned
Peachy keen get unburned
Teaching the lot
Enter the slop
With an outlook that is unheard
All that is all that's wow
Feeling unimpressed to now
Give it to feel it's real
My god that is so right
Give it up to you now get unlearned
Exit your peeling slip from your shell
Grip to the ceiling clip the nail
Taking the air like a rattle in the snare grab it with both hands
take it up unveiled
Now you know what it's like to die
What it's like when you get alive
What it does to your soul if you fail and you fall without really even trying

Why you acting so concerned
We all got the time to learn
Letting go is the hardest part
I figured it out on my own turn
What is left of what I see
Doesn't feel like it's up to par
And it's probably too late
To go all the way back to the start
Should I pack up my shit
Give it all up
Act like I'm cool
And don't give a fuck
Then I'll be lying to myself
And that's all talk yo
My brother my sister
Making you miss
It's written in stone
So why you resist them
No time to resist
Talking the business

If it's so so unforeseen
Set to roll with the glow of green
If you know what's right with me
Get to going cause you're wrong about me

We flipping switches
We cooking up exotic dishes
Passive aggressive
It makes the message more expressive
At times I've been combative
Try make it not a habit
But so persuasive if I see it and I got to have it
Sugar and spice
Now everything's nice
Helluva way to get the point across and break the ice
Our language contradiction
With chaos as our mission
Deploy the troops my friend
I think I found my new addiction

Been a while
Checked my phone
No retweets
Hashtags old
Creeps retreat under stone
Service obsolete
My signals gone
All the while we freaking out
All of us getting macked out
Getting passed out
Getting lapped in
Get some flesh with no clothes get snacked up
Freaks so alone they been breathing into bone
Did you see that they're all owned by the man that you call Rome
But he's a figment
Weak like the ligament got slashed
Killed a god
Cause we've been passed on
Plastered new faces to the old synagogue

Track Name: DBD
Does she love me
Does she know
Is she only digital
When she don't react I know
I don't want to see ghost
So walk in a placid tone everything is I don't know
Never get slack and don't you lean on a scene
If you don't plant your feet everything irresistible like a magazine
Everything I know I'll zero out til it's unreal
Now I'm stoking on the memory of your beauty sing

Don't cash out
see in time yeah
don't back down everythings sound even when the players try to play you like brown
just don't get slack wrapping the stats of the rounds or wow all these crowds with your prowess and pow.

Sexy text stretch and flex your specs next happens to be the one matter that wets your nets
Speaking complex I trust no faith inside a net
And get uneasy cause to undertake it comes with death

Since I'm slaying all my dragons
Imagine I'll be filleting
Now brother Go get your wagon and ice for keeping flavor
One time we had to slave it
Two times we had to break shit
All that god given time in our lives we gotta play it
Cause we ain't going back to the fields are we
Don't you even get the slip in your shell we need
To get the move on the two don't wait till three
Cause all these mother suckers thought we were tools hanging in trees
Track Name: For My City
This is for my people
Trying to make that dollar in the street
This is for the homeless
That trying to find their beat
This is for the ones
That got they eyes closed
When the sun is coming up
Ain't no excuse
To keep on riding into battle
To stay on top

This is for my people
Trying to make that dollar in the street
This is for the weak
Deacon write a song
Adams are we
Ever play God
Apple's all Eve
Every dream is south-pawed
Trapped in ring
I'm the motherfucker that you packed up and shipped to sea
Have you thought passed tracking all
Don't seem to mind
No sympathizing
This ain't the time
It's freaks design what
Every top head on Wall Street's just stacking time
Every string is pulled by foolish motherfuckers
What you planning it's a feeling
Magic tricking with your title
Wipe all
Ever seen the cheddar built up stacked
We aim to sting
Middle finger takes a walk cha-ching
Ain't obscene with your eye paint
Seen the war to chic for me
It's a sacrifice for all to be

This is for my city
Crossfaded jaded love for the streets
This is for the soldiers
Fighting battles every time they hit the streets