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Everything that's grown is everything is owned
So everything is wrong with your checks and your loans
Ever were we sold and signed the streak
Like chumps we thumb our lives in digitally
With holy rolling crones
Crooked church songs sung
Pack your bags for hell and back it's old like pun
Or would you want to would you see
Would you talk back question pap then get out your seat.

Ride hard never rest
Everybody's trying to test the spirit of the wild west
Now you know where it is
We ain't got no sympathy
We wise to pick your company
Cause mine became the family tree as far as that my eyes can see
Here is my philosophy
Be and let others be
Meticulous methodically
You turn on me so suddenly
I have to wonder if it's me
And I can fit no more tricks up my sleeve

We are all lean on diesel devils own oil
My debt he seen all along
But rhyming was my savior
I call every night
Where you teeth tore
Corner your smile
Never fought you off
Tell me why we gotta draw with arms talk don't know what's wrong.

Everything is owned and everything is grown
And every time these jokers get on the phone
They talk behind your back cause they a little weak
They don't know me from you
They don't know how to speak yeah
Pack up all you suckas what you doing what You seek
Ya reaping time another Muppet repeating the cheap and keeping freaky freaking
Thumbing truckers but now you're the beacon
Not thinking dirty thoughts since you have been following JC

You tell me everything is grown and everything is owned
I stretch beyond myself step into the unknown
Walk in one direction and then you try to trip me
It's the nature of the game
Are you against or with me
Call me vegetarian
And you just sell baloney
And I ain't buying what you selling
So that way you don't own me
Virtual invitation into your fake world
Try to lure me with fortune and girls well
I'd rather keep my feet on the ground
What goes around comes around
Comes around


Bang it big
Got to following the skids
Makeshift kid
Cheap heaps all flocking to see if the bass we made was lead
Pat the sun
Burn it
Though we lost
Return it
Don't you lag behind my brother
Want you up front so you learning

Yeah I want to see you break it down
Hips to the beat
Move them feet
Global to the ground
Pedal to the metal
Down the 101
We skipping town
Swerve to curve
With an ocean view
Cause you're in California
That is what we do

I don't know what you see
Every time I get on the corner know
I'm ahead of my tome
I dub your scene
If everything is all about you
What you gonna do with me
If I don't go on 1 2 3
Well I don't know what you'll do to be
Upwards from an icy cold
Stoke my heat
Every time I get up off the beat


from Grand Forms, released December 25, 2014
David Umpierre: Vocals, bass, guitar, keys
Tobias Greene: Vocals, drums, guitar, keys



all rights reserved


Motherbread San Francisco, California

Motherbread is an off-shoot side project by Automae. Originally, Mike Chase, David Umpierre and Tobias Greene, this LP was written and recorded by the latter two. In January, the idea was to write one or two rap tracks, but eventually grew into a full album of music over the 9-month period of recording. ... more

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